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Title: These are a few of my Favorite things #1
Author: basric
Genre: Drama
Rating: G
Words: 233
Challenge/Prompt: write for ten minutes Challenge 12- 10 Minutes

I have ten minutes to write so I shall write about things I enjoy.

I enjoy going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The air is fresh, crisp and clean. You can go hiking to a different area every day. The views are fabulous. There is so much to keep you busy. Yellow Stone is just down the road.

I love to travel and have quite a bit in and out of the U.S.

I love to fly; the take off--the landing. I like the window seat.

My favorite city has been Florence steeped in history, its beautiful pink buildings. So different from any other city.

I love being a trauma nurse. I’m good at it. I feel a personal satisfaction knowing there are people alive today because of my help.

I love cats. They are so independent. And flexible. Sprawling out in positions that make them appear not to have a backbone.

I love well-seasoned well cooked food. I love a good surf and turf. Prime rib or filet and a lobster. Yum.
Not escargot though.

I love to have a flower garden. I love roses, peonies, lilacs and zinnias. Though I plant exotics like bleeding heart and parrot tulips. And I love to have a vegetable garden-tomatoes, eggplants especially their beautiful purple blooms and hot peppers.

I could write an entire entry on any of these things but I am out of time.


Title: These are Things that irritate me #1
Author: basric
Genre: Drama
Rating: G
Words: 310
Challenge/Prompt: write for ten minutes Challenge 12- 10 Minutes

Drivers. One’s that slam on their brakes for no reason. Ones that turn left out of the right lane across in front of you. Two cars that drive side by side on a four land no pass highway twenty mile under the speed limit backing traffic up for miles. I could go on and on and on.

I HATE smokers that toss their cigarettes where-ever; out the car window to hit your windshield, down on the ground still lit. Or throw them from where-ever they are--cigarettes are LITER. Dispose appropriately.

I despise passive aggressive people. If you want someone to do something for you, ASK. This “My feet hurt so bad and I’m so thirsty--to get someone to ask if they can go get you a drink (insert scream here).

I hate people who their normal voices are whines. They end with a high whiny tone. (shivers) Apparently they whined as children and never stopped

People who tell me their deepest secrets when I first meet them face to face “MY Uncle raped me when I was twelve.” I don’t need to know that the first night I work with you and why do you need to tell me? That you can tell me IF we become friends and you need to share.

It irritates me for people with a basket of food to get in the 15 or less check out. Can they not read? Count? I will ask them and the cashier who is taking them. A twelve pack of drinks I count as one. Each scan is one. READ people.

It bothers me to see three hundred pound people spandex. And for forty year old women to wear non-age appropriate clothes. And parents who want to be friends with their child and their child’s friends instead of being a parent. Parents that do not control their children--let them run wild in other people’s home.

People who park ILLEGALLY in handicapped parking places. I would like to make up a bumper sticker that says “MENTALLY HANDICAPPED I DON’T KNOW WHAT (picture of handicapped sign here) MEANS. But that is considered vandalism.

Out of time.



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