Jan. 27th, 2012

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Greta lay in the hospital fighting the urge to push the pain button. She’d have long ago given into the inevitable, but her family pleaded for her to fight. Doctors told them nothing but palliative treatments were possible. But family reminded her new cures were found daily.

She was suffering from Stage-IV liver cancer. Even if they found a cure; it would be too late. She understood this. She had surgery, suffered chemo and radiation for them.

Now her breath rattled and slowed. The wails of her family faded and peace embraced her. She opened her arms and welcomed death.

The constant rain was relentless. Five weeks the downpour came, raising lakes and rivers. People fled from homes barely escaping with their lives.

Firemen and volunteers worked twenty-four hours non-stop to rescue stranded homeowners caught in flash floods. Some could not be saved. The waters from the river just rose too quickly from runoff from higher ground.

Volunteers breathed a sigh of relief. The rain lessened to a drizzle, then stopped altogether. The waters receded back into it banks. People were allowed to return home.

Then without warning, the major bridge crossing the mile-wide river collapsed during the morning commute.
Beckett had been taken from her home, left tied in a basement room
The blow to her head was so severe amnesia was the result.

She looked with confusion around the four walls that was her prison.
She couldn’t understand why anyone would lock her in this dungeon of stone walls.

Why couldn’t she remember her name, where she lived, or if she had family or friends?
Was her past life heaven, if so why had she been placed in hell?

Beckett sat on a mattress perched on a metal cot with only a thin blanket.
She watched a small mouse scrounging for food around her prison edges and shivered.

She heard the rasping sound as the door opened and a woman set a tray of food on her bed,
Shouldn’t she be doing something-try to escape; was someone missing her, only she remembered nothing.

The lights went out and she lay back and shivered beneath the thin coverlet in total darkness.
Sleep brought nightmares and one woke her screaming but it was gone like a wisp of smoke.

A man brought her breakfast and a pen and paper telling her what to write; then he left her with her questions unanswered.

He jerked the paper and pen from her. She wished she had a trebuchet--Wait where that come from did and what the devil was it? Wait Castle, she’d heard it from Castle.
Castle, Javier and Ryan rescued her before nightfall; capturing her kidnappers
She said nothing but secretly thought them awesome.

A week later back at work her team all welcomed her after work with dinner and drinks.
Castle ordered only the very best and Beckett her memory firmly in place waved a hand over the spread and called him persnickety.


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